Connemara Original

  • Age: No age statement 
  • ABV 40 % 
  • Bottle size: 70 cl
  • Price: £34
  • Nose 18/25 - apples, Edinburgh Rock and banana chips.
  • Taste 17/25 - not all that complex, there’s peat but not much sophistication, pretty dull really.
  • Finish 20 /25 - it hangs around in the mouth for a while but doesn’t really improve or become much more interesting,
  • Balance 16 /25 - frankly no it really isn’t balanced.  It’s quite confused and not really clear what it’s attempting to achieve.
  • Total 71 /100

A double distilled Irish whisky (not the normal triple distilled so common in Ireland) along with peat should be a curiosity, a challenge and interesting but I came away somewhat disappointed.

The Ardmore Legacy

  • Age: No age statement
  • ABV 40% 
  • Bottle size: 70 cl
  • Price: £30
  • Nose 20 /25 - Vanilla, honey and a hint of marshmallow.  Gentle toffee apple and very light smokey notes.
  • Taste 19 /25 - Pear and citrus and possibly a hint of custard cream
  • Finish 18 /25 - it’s lightly smokey and extremely short but and frankly it seems a little on the young side.
  • Balance 21 /25 - you’ll not scare anyone off peat with this dram but really I doubt you’d really convince anyone that it makes a big difference.
  • Total 78 /100

Emerging from the village of Kennethmont in Aberdeenshire the Ardmore Legacy is bottled at 40% and is chill filtered. It’s made up of with 80% peated and 20% unpeated malt.  It’s a pleasant dram, light and easy to drink. I’d say it’s fairly unremarkable but inoffensive.