Review - Mackmyra First Edition

Mackmyra Brukswhisky served as an aperitif for this First Edition, and whilst I enjoyed it I really have taken a shine to the First Edition.  If you want a change get yourself down to Oddbins and buy one!

ABV 46.1% vol
Price £40
Nose 21/25 - much more civilised, you still get vanilla but there is also oak and honey.
Taste 22/25 - smooth, sponge cake, honey and apple.
Finish 20/25 - pretty short but quite appropriate 

Balance 22/25 - very nicely balanced, a good bang for your buck, if only all drams at the price point were this well constructed.
Total 85/100

Review - Mackmyra Brukswhisky (The Swedish Whisky)

I take my hat off to the Swedes who made this, it's a fine easy to drink beverage,  it's made with skill and panache, in fact I enjoyed it greatly. It's not a Scottish malt but so what? 

ABV 41.4% vol
Price £36
Nose 18/25 - vanilla loads and loads of it, a touch artificial, fruit salad and sweat peas.
Taste 21/25 - vanilla, oak, spice, all of which is very light but still tingles the tongue.
Finish 18/25 - it doesn't hang around, gone in a flash.

Balance 20/25 - it's a nice pleasant drink, I'm less sure it's a true whisky but I enjoyed it all the same.
Total 77/100