Connemara Original

  • Age: No age statement 
  • ABV 40 % 
  • Bottle size: 70 cl
  • Price: £34
  • Nose 18/25 - apples, Edinburgh Rock and banana chips.
  • Taste 17/25 - not all that complex, there’s peat but not much sophistication, pretty dull really.
  • Finish 20 /25 - it hangs around in the mouth for a while but doesn’t really improve or become much more interesting,
  • Balance 16 /25 - frankly no it really isn’t balanced.  It’s quite confused and not really clear what it’s attempting to achieve.
  • Total 71 /100

A double distilled Irish whisky (not the normal triple distilled so common in Ireland) along with peat should be a curiosity, a challenge and interesting but I came away somewhat disappointed.

Review - Teeling Single Grain Whisky

Let's get the skeleton out of the cupboard until tonight I'd never tasted Irish Whiskey, yes really not a drop! Why? My father always said it wasn't real whisky and that it wasn't enjoyable, he couldn't be wrong could he?  Well this same man only ever drank blended whisky and never malt so perhaps he was fallible?

ABV 46% vol
Price £39

Nose 21/25 - white spirit, rocket, forest floor, cut timber.
Taste 23/25 - very light, floral, kiwi fruit and melon, perhaps even peppermint; still there is wine in there almost sake like.
Finish 22/25 - miles away from heavy Scottish malts, there's a lovely clove like peppery flavour, perhaps a hint of sage and it drifts away in the mouth.
Balance 22/25 -  really nice, perhaps ideal for spring and summer.
Total 88/100