Whisky Writing

There are plenty of whisky books out there so how do choose which to buy?  For me it's often down to either personal recommendation or from making an assessment from available interviews with the authors concerned. So I thought I'd highlight a couple of books I've read recently which may be of interest to you:

Proof ~ The Science of Booze by Adam Rogers 
The fact that the author is a writer and editor on "Wired" magazine should be the first clue that this isn't a collection of random tasting notes.  This is a serious (but still fun) book that focuses heavily on the complexity, history and future of alcohol production.  Whilst a little heavy (I never took chemistry at university!) it's an absorbing read.  Frankly I'd say it's essential reading for any serious whisky head.  For a taster listen to Mark Gillespie's interview with Adam Rogers in Whiskycast Episode 482.

Bourbon Strange by Charles K Cowdrey
As a Scot I have to admit my knowledge of bourbon is limited, it's less available here and not as heavily marketed. So how do you find out more without having the filter of marketing applied?  I'd suggest you start by reading this book.  Chuck Cowdrey seems to be a bit of a "character" and an independent thinker.  Here you get huge chunks of history, some science, a bit market commentary and good straight talking.
For a flavour of the book and the author you can listen to Mark Gillespie interviewing Charles Cowdrey in Whiskycast Episode 492.