Glasgow Whisky Festival 2014 - a recollection

No review today, in fact no reviews yet this month!!  Why? I have the mother of all colds :-( and have had for almost the entire month. The only whisky consumed has been for medicinal purposes and any attempt at nosing or tasting notes would be simply pointless.  So I thought I'd cast my mind back to the Glasgow Whisky Festival 2014 which was held last month in The Arches. I had a simply superb afternoon (as always) enjoying great drams with good friends in a relaxed, fun and lively atmosphere.  My personal highlights were the newly released Velvet Fig from Wemyss Malts which was just as good as I had hoped it would be (I bought a bottle so I think I liked it!) and watching Tincup whiskey (which I'd already tasted so knew was good) winning over just about everyone who tasted it!

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