Review - Timorous Beastie

So here we have Douglas Laing's follow up to last years remarkable Scallywag, this time taking its name from Robert Burns poem "To a mouse". I loved their little mutt last year and rushed to get hands on this when they released it.  Is it as good as Scallywag? No it's not. Is it a bad whisky? Hell no, it's a great dram it's just that its flavour profile doesn't appeal to me as much.  It's head and shoulders above so many dull, safe and mundain bottles you can buy. I recently gave a bottle to a friend as a gift and he totally loved the packaging and design before he'd even tasted the whisky. Their long standing brand Big Peat has a similar effect. In terms of marketing I believe Douglas Laing are now very much market leaders, just as they are in terms of independent bottlers.  I hear rumours of another new brand that should hit the market very shortly and I greatly look forward to its arrival.

  • ABV 46.8% vol
  • 70cl
  • Price £36
  • Nose 23/25 - a big nose, sweet heather honey, malt, a flower border in full bloom.
  • Taste 22/25 - oohmp! Caramel, walnut, brown sugar, perhaps even orange. Then acohol burn! 
  • Finish 22/25 - long,  perfect after dinner dram.
  • Balance 22/25 - a cracking hearty, beefy highland dram.
  • Total 89/100