Review - Balvenie 15 Year Old Sherry Cask

So I move from one sherry bomb to another! It was launched earlier this year and I was very keen to get my hands on it as I'm very fond of Balvenie in general and also love "sherried" whisky. If I'm honest this didn't feel quite right to me, although that could simply be the particular cask that my bottle came from. It's not a bad whisky but I'm left doubting the bang for the buck the release gives.

ABV 47.8% vol
Price £77

Nose 23/25 - this has an excellent nose, christmas cake, marzipan, almond, citrus peel, sherry...
Taste 17/25 - very dry, flat, unremarkable and disconnected from the nose.
Finish 18/25 - it's not all that long and has a very bitter note.
Balance 18/25 - nothing about this said "pour another glass"
Total 76/100