Review - Sullivans Cove Double Cask

Tasmanian whisky, it's a new one for me and probably for most Scots!

ABV 40% vol
Price £65

Nose 22/25 - seems strong considering the ABV, very spicy, not sure of the age statement on this but it seems old before it's years, there's date and fig and bourbon coming through and it's very impressive.
Taste 22//25 - mellow, creamy, some spice but not too much, vanilla and oak there too, goes to show that you can produce a distinctive and characterful dram at 40%, shame on all those who can't.
Finish 24/25 - more spice in the finish than in the body, black pepper and it stretches off into the distance, really nice.
Balance 23/25 - exceptional, why can't this standard be reached by more distillers.
Total 91/100