Review - Bulleit Bourbon - 45%

Another week another country, this time America, and really it has to be Bourbon hasn't it?  Ralfy sang the praises of Bulleit just a few weeks ago and now it's my turn.

ABV 45% vol
Price £28

Nose 23/25 - lots of vanilla, roses, pear, jelly tots, hint of butterscotch Angel Delight (if you can remember it!) and Madeira cake.
Taste 22/25 - lots of wood, big depth, cinnamon, green pepper corns, burnt toast, toasted hot cross buns, star anise.
Finish 20/25 - surprisingly short and light, hints of cough medicine but not unpleasantly so.
Balance 22/25 - really pleasant, it's a bit drier than is my personal preference but overal a quality dram.
Total 86/100