Review - Balcones V Straight Malt Brimstone Resurrection Cask Finish

One fateful day, an accident happened at the Balcones distillery in Waco, Texas. A batch of corn got burnt to the bottom of one of their stills (which Chip and the chaps built themselves). Whoops. Some people might try to move on and forget about the mistake, but not Chip Tate, oh no! He wanted to make it work, so he sent the spirit through a special smoking process and left it to mature in a heavily charred barrel.
The result is the Balcones Brimstone Resurrection, the whisky that escaped catastrophe. It was released as part of the distillery's fifth anniversary celebration to quite a fanfare. 
In March 2014, it won the World's Best American Whisky Award at the World Whiskies Awards 2014. Not bad for an accidental whisky, eh?

ABV 60.5% vol
Price £62

Nose 23/25 astounding, smoke, toffee apple, molasses, treacle toffee and burnt matches.
Taste 24/25 - smoked cloves, smoked salmon, Dundee cake, gingerbread, perhaps even cigar.  
Finish 22/25 - goes on and on, it dissipates and somehow sweetens, perfect after dinner dram.
Balance 23/25 -  I can't speak highly enough of this, I hope the can somehow reproduce this in a larger volume.
Total 92/100