Review - Balcones Texas Single Malt

I'm a little excited. Why? Because I'm tasting something new. Well new to me. I'm a little behind the curve, so what, cut me some slack! Living slap bang in Central Scotland it's very easy to believe all whisky is scottish, after all we do make a hell of a lot of the stuff. But that's such a parochial point of view.  The world of whisky is so much more complicated than that, there are so many challengers out there, we can't ignore them, many are now as good as if not better than the homegrown talent.  One of my goals when starting this blog was widen my knowledge and taste some of the best the world has to offer and one craft distiller was mentioned time and again as I drew up my tasting list Balcones.  Run by Chip Tate they seem to have been on fire these last few years.  So this gets me to their Texas Single Malt, and wow it's good!

ABV 53% vol
Price £78

Nose 23/25 - sweet, honey, maple syrup, there's a light perfume that I can't quite place and heaps of buttery fudge.
Taste 22/25 - so smooth, cinnamon, oak, like a light Grain but more complex like very light malt.
Finish 22/25 - not overly long but lots and lots of spice give way to a charred wood
Balance 23/25 -  superb, reminds me of some of the Compass Box whiskies, and whilst as a whisky drinker I loved it I could believe a non-whisky drinker could also be won over by this.  
Total 90/100