Review - Glenburgie (6 year old)

I feel a little ashamed, to my knowledge I've never tasted any Glenburgie before, most of the production from this distillery near Kinross appears to go into Ballantine's however that's a real shame as this 6 year old was really very enjoyable. You can get a variety of independent bottlings and I'd encourage you to seek them out.

Glenburgie (6 year old)
ABV 40% vol
Price £3.50

Nose 20/25 - draws you in and reassures you that you're not about to be clobbered.
Taste 22/25 - vanilla, honey, almonds and lime.
Finish 19/25 - light oak, delicate, pretty short
Balance 23/25 - really enjoyable, light, bright and crisp
Total 85/100