Review - The General

Well I thought long and hard when deciding which dram would be the subject of my first review, should it be a regular run of the mill whisky (one that a dear friend of mine would call a "cooking whisky") or something a bit more unusual. Reflecting on the drams I've enjoyed most over the last year there could really only be one choice and when I think about it more deeply it's also this whisky that has played a huge part in making me decide to start this blog. 
The General from Compass Box was a Limited Release of 1,698 bottles, bottled in November 2013 and available in the UK a month later.  Sadly it's now widely sold out however if you look hard you might still be able to find the odd bottle available from independent retailers.  I was lucky enough to taste a small sample at the last Glasgow Whisky Festival and it made such an impact that despite a cost of approx £180 I chose this as my Christmas/New Year dram.
£180 for a blended scotch whisky he must be bonkers, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is only £135 notes, what's so special? In a word: age.  The component parts of this blend are 33 and 40 years old (although due to regulations they cannot publicly state the older of these).  The two parcels of whisky were each blended and put back in their casks, they're not even certain which distilleries they originated from. Ideal after dinner,  possibly with a cigar in front of a roaring fire, if you get the chance to taste it then jump at the chance.

ABV 53.4 vol
Price £180

Nose 23/25 - lots of wood, polish, steak pie, spicy, benefits from a short rest after pouring.
Taste 24/25 - definitely benefits from a touch of water but take it easy not too much. Hold it in the mouth and there's lots of warmth, lots of depth, peppery notes, spice, wood even mild chilli. Just enjoy lots of cascading flavour.
Finish 21/25 - excellent, a sort of BBQ sherried cherry drop, with a bitter undertone; tho not overly long.
Balance 23/25 - it really is superb, I can't afford this age of whisky all that often but I wish I could, the blend here has been made superbly; it's an expert display of the complexity that can achieved in blending.
Total 91/100