THe Dalmore 35

The Dalmore 35

Whyte & Mackay is to release a 35-year-old variant of The Dalmore Scotch whisky that has been aged in three different types of oak casks.

Available from October this year, The Dalmore 35 has been aged in a Bourbon barrel, a Matusalem Sherry Butt and a Port Colheita Pipe. It has been bottled in a bespoke decanter created by French crystal house Baccarat and features the ’12-point Royal Stag’ produced by Scottish silversmiths, Hamilton & Inches, holder of the Royal Warrant.


“ You cannot rush the whisky, you must take time to ensure that you get the best possible results,” said Richard Paterson, master distiller of The Dalmore who celebrates 50-years in the whisky industry this year. 

“It took careful maturation in three different woods over a 35-year period to release the full potential of this whisky.

“Only after this long period of time did the whisky finally become everything I envisaged it could be. Only then was it finally time to release this truly captivating whisky from its slumber.”