we tip our hat to the whisky bloggers that influence us.


A Wardrobe of Whisky - Helping you to find the best whisky with concise whisky reviews and recommendations.

Chuck Cowdrey - everything you need to know about American whiskey.

Pour Me Another one - born out of Dramming, whisky and other beverages.

Ralfy - one of the first whisky video bloggers and still one of the best.

Scotch & Sc-Fi - a  great range of whisky reviews.

Somerset Whisky Blog - a really comprehensive site from one of the nicest men in whisky.




Toms Whisky Reviews - fabulous to read and also fabulously designed.

Whisky Boys - if it's happening they'll know about it! 

Whisky Gospel - extremely diverse and always interesting.

Whisky for Everyone - always good for a deep dive.

The Whisky Moose - slightly intermittent but always pertinant.

Whiskycast - probably the most listened to whisky podcast and for good reason. 

Whisky Lassie - very well informed, often focused on Canadian whisky.